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Elite Protective Services

Exceeding Above Expectations



Elite Protective Services specializes in providing uniformed security services at apartment communities and HOA's throughout Central Florida. Providing security at these types of properties requires a highly trained security officer who is knowledgeable, courteous, professional and experienced in dealing with the public on your behalf. After all, we are your representative in your absence.

You may learn more about the benefits of being a crime free apartment or HOA community by visiting their website at

The Owner of Elite Protective Services bring over 10 years of combined upper level security experience through-out Florida area. We fully understand the balance needed for effective security management on multifamily properties. We provide the highest level service possible on each of our client properties.

We know that outside of real serious crimes taking place on a property that the biggest complaints managers and owners face from their residents that can cause them to move out are typically constant noise from loud neighbors such as loud parties, domestic disturbances, loud stereos and TV's, and loud noise from the pool including non-residents who snuck into the pool area.

Security is an investment in your residents and yourself and not an expense! Yes, I said "Not an Expense". You do receive a return on your investment with effective security. How you may ask? By having security as your agent on your property at night when management and ownership are at their greatest exposure to noise, criminal acts and disturbance events, you have peace of mind of knowing that by having Elite Protective Services on your property you will minimize your exposure to good residents moving out by immediately addressing all noise and disturbance complaints. By saving good residents who's only reason to move was because of noise, crime and disturbance issues you have avoided loss rents from vacancy loss, turnover and marketing expenses to get the unit rent ready, concessions because of current market conditions, ect. Good residents talk to other good residents including prospective good residents such as family, friends, and co-workers. What will they be saying about your property?

Trespassers and parking lot crimes are the other area of exposure that managers and owners face. Residents usually only care that everything in their apartment works, noise is minimal, crime is manageable, and that they are enjoying a relatively peaceful and quite enjoyment in their community, and that their vehicle in the parking lot exposed and usually out of their direct line of sight is in the same condition as when they left it. Many manager and owner frustrations usually occur over this issue as the resident storms into their office demanding to know why their vehicle was burglarized or stolen. This is another common problem on apartment communities and HOA's as the parking lots are usually a smorgasbord for criminals.

So many vehicles and choices for the criminal. Having security helps minimize that exposure through proactive patrols of the parking lots. We typically spend 80% of our patrol time in the parking lots with high visibility as a uniformed proactive physical deterrent to car thieves and burglars. By patrolling heavily in the parking lots many types of crimes can be deterred including trespassers. Another hidden benefit of having security is the reduced exposure of police vehicles on your property. The more times residents see police vehicles the more it instills in their mind that where they live must have crime issues. By having security on site to address most issues without having to have the involvement of police you reduce the amount of times police vehicles are seen on property plus you minimize your exposure to being targeted by the City for excessive police calls for service to your property.

Spending money on security only makes sense as it is a proactive value added measure that brings a return on your investment in many ways. There are numerous positive things that result by having effective security in place that in time pays for itself each and every month. Residents like having a special phone number they can call at night to report suspicious activities and noise complaints. It also lets your residents know you do care about their living environment and that you are proactive in making your community the most enjoyable community possible.

Elite Protective Services utilizes an online database for running VIN numbers to determine if a vehicle is reported stolen and access the warrants database to check on local county arrest warrants for trespassers. This helps deter trespassers as they know they will be checked for warrants if they come back on the property.